Growing Social Consciousness in Your Children – Animal Welfare

Introduction Social consciousness, or the awareness of society, is central to the experience of being human. In order to participate as contributing members of the community and broader society, children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for other living things. This social responsibility involves a deep awareness of our … Read more

Dads in the Special Needs Community – Roland Tay

Dads for Life met with 2 trailblazing dads, Khor Tuck Kuan and Roland Tay, who have been lighting the path in the Special Needs community, to build acceptance, respect and a voice for people with disabilities. Here is Roland Tay’s story. Roland Tay, father of 2, is an IT and Telecoms systems businessman turned social entrepreneur. Professor … Read more

Ten Things that Define Singapore Daddies!

Are you a Singapore dad? Not just a road warrior but a home soldier too? Carrying the physical and mental full battle order of spare milk, sterilised containers, diapers, assessment books, educational DVDs, parent-teacher meeting notes, paediatric specialist notes, weekend Legoland trip preps, mosquito patch bulk purchase lobangs and even more? Welcome to the club … Read more

The Importance of Father Involvement in Early Childhood Parenting – Identity Formation

Separation- individuation is the process by which an infant acquires an identity that is distinct from the mother. Most child development theorists believe that children learn about themselves and construct their own identities within the context of their families. When children have positive experiences, they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected, and … Read more

What Teens Really Need and Want: Letters Between a Daughter and Her Father

Do your teens ever ask you for more trust, more freedom? In the letters that follow, a teenage girl and her dad negotiate these issues. They highlight the importance of a father’s affirmation for his daughter whilst advocating boundaries as ways to safely meet the teenager’s need for love, belonging, validation, and room to mature. … Read more

Parenting Your Child for the Future – What is Emotional Intelligence and Why it is Important

While our society esteems academic achievement, most of us would tacitly acknowledge that measuring a person’s intelligence and diligence is hardly a good predictor of “likeability” or “successful leadership”. In the article What Makes a Leader in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman refered to a quality that both children and adults can intuitively sense … Read more

What Fatherhood Means to Men

Active Fatherhood Benefits Fathers Themselves Research shows that fathers gain richly from being more involved in their children’s lives. Involved fathers are more likely to: Enjoy closer, richer and more satisfying father-child relationships  Feel more self-confident and effective as parents ; Feel more important to their child  and feel encouraged to be even more involved; Feel connected … Read more