Parenting Your Child for the Future – What is Emotional Intelligence and Why it is Important

While our society esteems academic achievement, most of us would tacitly acknowledge that measuring a person’s intelligence and diligence is hardly a good predictor of “likeability” or “successful leadership”. In the article What Makes a Leader in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman refered to a quality that both children and adults can intuitively sense … Read more

What Fatherhood Means to Men

Active Fatherhood Benefits Fathers Themselves Research shows that fathers gain richly from being more involved in their children’s lives. Involved fathers are more likely to: Enjoy closer, richer and more satisfying father-child relationships  Feel more self-confident and effective as parents ; Feel more important to their child  and feel encouraged to be even more involved; Feel connected … Read more

Asia Fatherhood Research Conference Panel 1: Father Involvement in a Changing Asia

Introduction The following article summarises research presentations on Vietnam, India, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and distils relevant points for discussion and reflection in shaping more involved fatherhood. The presentations were made at Panel 1: Father Involvement in a Changing Asia as part of the first Asia fatherhood research conference entitled Fatherhood in 21st Century Asia: Research, … Read more

There when he needs you

Dr. Neil Bernstein is a practicing clinical psychologist, author, and speaker based in Washington, DC. He is an accomplished fathering expert who has spent over twenty five years guiding dads, teenagers and their families through difficult times. In his book There When He Needs You: How to Be an Available, Involved, and Emotionally Connected Father … Read more