Hail the New-age Hands-on Dad – Being involved in your child’s life changes you both

In the midst of our busy work schedule after our marriage, my wife Peggy and I put in much effort to start a family. Eventually, to our great joy, my son Jia Jian came along. He was born premature, at seven-and-a-half months, with chronic lung problems. In those stressful five months immediately after his birth, … Read more

Uniquely Dad – The Science Behind Fatherhood

Introduction Historically, psychologists and other researchers assumed that the mother-child bond was the most important one in a child’s life. They focused on studying those relationships, and tended to attribute children’s outcomes – whether positive or negative – to mothers. However, within the last several decades, scientists are increasingly realizing how much dads matter.  Just … Read more

Heritage Recipes

Here are some recipes that we have put together for dads who want to expand into cooking Singapore food! All of them are relatively easy to make family favourites. Some are heirlooms passed down the generations, and some, heirlooms in the making. They are all delicious dishes, heritage recipes, embedded with a repository of precious … Read more

The Importance of Father Involvement in Early Childhood Parenting – Identity Formation

Separation- individuation is the process by which an infant acquires an identity that is distinct from the mother. Most child development theorists believe that children learn about themselves and construct their own identities within the context of their families. When children have positive experiences, they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected, and … Read more

Voices of Dads

Three men talk about what they appreciate most about being a dad, the people who support them, and the big f-word – their ‘feelings’ on their journey as fathers. Gratitude John Khoo is in his 30s; he and his wife Belinda have a 5-year old daughter, Constance. As John reflects on things he appreciates as … Read more

The Power of Permission

“Don’t run!” “No, you cannot have an iPhone!” “There’s no way you’re having a sleepover!” “No! You’re not going outside wearing that!” There’s nothing wrong with saying “no” to things. Sometimes, there is no way she’s going outside wearing that, and no, he doesn’t need an iPhone. On the other hand, permissive parenting always says … Read more

Children’s Time Spent With Fathers In Intact Families

Social expectations of the father’s role in the family have changed considerably in the past three decades. Previously expected to be mainly an economic provider, the “new father” now is expected to also provide day-to-day physical and emotional care to children as an equal partner of the mother (Goldscheider & Waite, 1991) Despite these changing … Read more

Fatherhood in 21st Century Asia: Research, Interventions and Policies

Significant Milestone for Research on Fatherhood in Asia With rapid economic development, erosion of extended families and changing gender norms, the role of fathers in Asia is changing.  Yet, compared to the burgeoning literature on father involvement in Western societies, there have been limited studies on the evolving roles of fathers in Asia. Explaining the … Read more