Smart Parenting for Smart Kids

Smart Parenting for Smart Kids is co-authored by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, and Mark S. Lowenthal, PsyD. Kennedy-Moore is an author, psychologist, and speaker, who specialises in parenting and children’s social and emotional development. Lowenthal is a clinical psychologist with more than 22 years of clinical experience and a long-time advocate of children’s mental health issues, … Read more

Do Men Mother? Fathering, Care and Domestic Responsibility

Unexpected Beginnings To answer the question: “Do Men Mother?” Sociologist Andrea Doucet conducted a qualitative research over four years on 118 men in Canada who identified themselves (self-defined) as primary caregivers of their children. She came to know more about these fathers’ experiences through their narratives, that is their stories about being men in a … Read more

Raising Gender-Confident Kids by Dr Melvin Wong (2013 New Edition)

This book by Dr Melvin Wong (PhD), a Clinical Psychologist based in the US, covers several key child developmental issues on gender identity, aspects that Asian parents may not be aware of in raising their children in today’s world. The main topics covered in his book include: The unique contributions and influences of mothers and … Read more

You’re Not the Boss of Me – Brat-proofing your 4 to 12-year-old Child

 A Worth-While Read In our increasingly affluent and consumerist society – where the lines between “needs” and “wants” are sometimes blurred – parents are increasingly concerned about how not to raise a spoiled brat! You’re Not the Boss of Me – Brat-proofing your 4- to 12-year-old Child – by renowned child development and behaviour specialist, Betsy Brown Braun … Read more