Dads are Light Towers

I was burning off the week’s calories at the fitness corner at Mapletree Park the other day when I saw an adorable boy decked in his Ben-10 singlet, kiddy bermudas and runners. Only about my waist level, he waddled down the bend of the concrete track with flailing arms. How strange, I thought! At 7.45 … Read more

Poh Yeang Cherng: Guide Children on Use of Online Media

It started with his curiosity about the addictive power of computer games. Poh Yeang Cherng, director of Kingmaker Consultancy – a company which specialises in media literacy and cyber wellness- experiments with the games himself, going as deep as possible “without falling off the edge”. He is also one of the pioneers of the cyber wellness movement … Read more

Joe Augustin: Learning Fatherhood While Helping Kids Learn

Well-known for his ready wit on air, Joe Augustin, ex-radio personality with both Mediacorp, SPH Unionworks and Safra Radio, is now an emcee, voiceover talent and speaker who gets to spend most of his time at home. He and his wife Adele, are proud parents and share stories of their family life on their podcast and blog respectively. Their … Read more