Dads are Light Towers

I was burning off the week’s calories at the fitness corner at Mapletree Park the other day when I saw an adorable boy decked in his Ben-10 singlet, kiddy bermudas and runners. Only about my waist level, he waddled down the bend of the concrete track with flailing arms. How strange, I thought! At 7.45 … Read more

Growing Social Consciousness in Your Children – Empathy and Compassion

Introduction Social consciousness, or the awareness of society, is central to the experience of being human. In order to participate as contributing members of the community and broader society, children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for others and the environment. This social responsibility involves a deep awareness of … Read more

Ten Things that Define Singapore Daddies!

Are you a Singapore dad? Not just a road warrior but a home soldier too? Carrying the physical and mental full battle order of spare milk, sterilised containers, diapers, assessment books, educational DVDs, parent-teacher meeting notes, paediatric specialist notes, weekend Legoland trip preps, mosquito patch bulk purchase lobangs and even more? Welcome to the club … Read more

Invisible Parents: Working with Fathers in the Social Services

Introduction Both social service research and practice have historically minimised the importance of fathers. In 1990, researchers reviewing issues of five social science journals published over 27 years found fathers were often portrayed as missing, troubled, and/or perpetrators of maltreatment. Father involvement has certainly lagged behind mother involvement within families and in social programmes. But … Read more