A Message for Today’s Dads

Dads play a dual role as both a professional and a parent in a modern society. As a professional he has to be logical and rational when responding to challenges, resolving problems, motivating others or monitoring his own performance.  Businesses, engineering companies, academic institutions and most workplaces need systems that are consistent and predictable. Problems … Read more

What Teens Really Need and Want: Letters Between a Daughter and Her Father

Do your teens ever ask you for more trust, more freedom? In the letters that follow, a teenage girl and her dad negotiate these issues. They highlight the importance of a father’s affirmation for his daughter whilst advocating boundaries as ways to safely meet the teenager’s need for love, belonging, validation, and room to mature. … Read more

Fathers’ Role in Play: Enhancing Early Language and Literacy of Children with Developmental Delays

Source : Stockall, N. & Dennis, L. (2012). Fathers’ role in play: Enhancing early language and literacy of children with developmental delays. Early Childhood Education Journal. Published online Oct 2012. Introduction Research suggests that the type of play that males engage in with children is typically more active, with distinct benefits for children. For example, fathers’ … Read more