Hakim and His Hi-Five!

We live in times where local couples are very careful in considering whether they should have one or two children. Having three seems to be a brave act. There are even cases where childbirth is consciously avoided, just a lifelong couplehood of intense careers and occasional exotic tours. Here, Daulat Hakim defies modern Singapore mentality … Read more

Dads in the Special Needs Community – Roland Tay

Dads for Life met with 2 trailblazing dads, Khor Tuck Kuan and Roland Tay, who have been lighting the path in the Special Needs community, to build acceptance, respect and a voice for people with disabilities. Here is Roland Tay’s story. Roland Tay, father of 2, is an IT and Telecoms systems businessman turned social entrepreneur. Professor … Read more

A Message for Today’s Dads

Dads play a dual role as both a professional and a parent in a modern society. As a professional he has to be logical and rational when responding to challenges, resolving problems, motivating others or monitoring his own performance.  Businesses, engineering companies, academic institutions and most workplaces need systems that are consistent and predictable. Problems … Read more

Dads and Holidays

For the holiday season, the Dads for Life Resource Team (DFL) captured snapshots of a series of dads; how they spent their holidays with their families, and reflecting on what this meant to them. Seize the Holidays Together Zailani and his family were spotted at the Bedok Jetty fishing together at the start of the … Read more

Research Abstract: Patterns and Determinants of Paternal Child Care During a Child’s First Three Years of Life

Introduction This is an abstract of Patterns and Determinants of Paternal Child Care During a Child’s First Three Years of Life by Susan L. Averett, Kisa A, Gennetian and H. Elizabeth Peters. The paper was published in 2000 in Marriage & Family Review and FATHERHOOD: Research, Interventions and Policies (The Haworth Press, Inc.). Averett is affiliated with the Department of Economics … Read more