Joe Augustin: Learning Fatherhood While Helping Kids Learn

Well-known for his ready wit on air, Joe Augustin, ex-radio personality with both Mediacorp, SPH Unionworks and Safra Radio, is now an emcee, voiceover talent and speaker who gets to spend most of his time at home. He and his wife Adele, are proud parents and share stories of their family life on their podcast and blog respectively. Their … Read more

Hail the New-age Hands-on Dad – Being involved in your child’s life changes you both

In the midst of our busy work schedule after our marriage, my wife Peggy and I put in much effort to start a family. Eventually, to our great joy, my son Jia Jian came along. He was born premature, at seven-and-a-half months, with chronic lung problems. In those stressful five months immediately after his birth, … Read more