Poh Yeang Cherng: Guide Children on Use of Online Media

It started with his curiosity about the addictive power of computer games. Poh Yeang Cherng, director of Kingmaker Consultancy – a company which specialises in media literacy and cyber wellness- experiments with the games himself, going as deep as possible “without falling off the edge”. He is also one of the pioneers of the cyber wellness movement … Read more

Hail the New-age Hands-on Dad – Being involved in your child’s life changes you both

In the midst of our busy work schedule after our marriage, my wife Peggy and I put in much effort to start a family. Eventually, to our great joy, my son Jia Jian came along. He was born premature, at seven-and-a-half months, with chronic lung problems. In those stressful five months immediately after his birth, … Read more

Hakim and His Hi-Five!

We live in times where local couples are very careful in considering whether they should have one or two children. Having three seems to be a brave act. There are even cases where childbirth is consciously avoided, just a lifelong couplehood of intense careers and occasional exotic tours. Here, Daulat Hakim defies modern Singapore mentality … Read more