Family is a Place Where We Learn to Forgive and Move On…

This article examines forgiveness in the context of a family environment, highlighting what forgiveness entails and the health benefits of practising forgiveness. It then offers dads tips on how to cultivate the quality of forgiveness for themselves and in their children. The value of forgiveness All of us have experienced being hurt by the actions or … Read more

The Importance of Father Involvement in Early Childhood Parenting – Identity Formation

Separation- individuation is the process by which an infant acquires an identity that is distinct from the mother. Most child development theorists believe that children learn about themselves and construct their own identities within the context of their families. When children have positive experiences, they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected, and … Read more

Social Fathers and Child Well-being

Introduction The following is an abstract of Social Fathers and Child Wellbeing by Sharon Bzostek. Source: Bzostek, S. (2008). Social fathers and child wellbeing. Journal of Marriage and Family, 70, 950–961 Research indicates that more than one third of all children in the U.S. are now born to unwed parents. Many of these children will experience … Read more

Research Abstract: Paternal Psychiatric Disorders and Children’s Psychosocial Development

Introduction and Background Research evidence has indicated that parents’ psychiatric disorders are associated with increased risks of psychological and developmental problems in their children (e.g. Murray and Cooper, 2003). Much research has been done on mothers and the impact of their mental health on their children’s development. However, in most countries and cultures, fathers have an … Read more