The Role of Play in Child-Father Attachment

The following is an abstract of the uniqueness of the child-father attachment relationship: Father’s sensitive and challenging play as a pivotal variable in a 16-year longitudinal study. Social Development, 11(3), 307-331 by Grossmann, K., Grossmann, K. E., Fremmer-Bombik, E., Kindler, H. , Scheuerer-Englisch, H. , & Zimmermann, P. (2002). Background Psychologist John Bowlby believed that the … Read more

Research Abstract: Infant-Parent Attachment and Parental and Child Behaviour during Parent-Toddler Storybook Interaction

Introduction This is an abstract of Infant-Parent Attachment and Parental and Child Behaviour during Parent-Toddler Storybook Interaction by Cynthia A. Frosch, Martha J. Cox and Barbara Davis Goldman. The paper was published in 2001 in Merrill-Palmer Quarterly: A Journal of Developmental Psychology. Background This paper studies the association between the infant-parent attachment and later toddler-parent storybook interactions. It adds … Read more

Fathers’ Role in Play: Enhancing Early Language and Literacy of Children with Developmental Delays

Source : Stockall, N. & Dennis, L. (2012). Fathers’ role in play: Enhancing early language and literacy of children with developmental delays. Early Childhood Education Journal. Published online Oct 2012. Introduction Research suggests that the type of play that males engage in with children is typically more active, with distinct benefits for children. For example, fathers’ … Read more

Fathering Your Toddler – A Dad’s Guide to the Second and Third Years by Armin A. Brott

A Holistic Approach There are many books that discuss the notorious ‘Terrible-Two’ phases which young children may go through, however, not many target children in a specific age-group, much less examine the on-goings in consecutive 3-month periods of growth. In Fathering Your Toddler – A Dad’s Guide to the Second and Third Years, American author … Read more