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Fatherhood 102 – Leadership Series: Dad, Leader of His Family (Part 3)

You can find Dad the Leader 1 at this link, and Dad the Leader 2 is here. Dad the Leader is part of our new Being Dad Series designed to empower you to be the best dad you can be to your kids We conclude this series with aspects of leadership consisting of maturity, humour, positive diligence […]

Fatherhood and Youth Sports – A Balancing Act

Abstract of: Gottzén, L. & Kremer-Sadlik, T. (2012). Fatherhood and youth sports: A balancing act between care and expectations. Gender and Society, May 25, 2012. Introduction Youth sports have been seen as an arena for fathers to be more involved in their children’s lives. Indeed, in contrast to other child care practices, many men are […]

Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids

Introduction A growing body of multidisciplinary research is considering how fathers’ health consciousness, practices, and outcomes relate to their children’s quality of health and care. One implication from this research is in understanding and accounting for how fathers make decisions regarding their health and style of fathering. Connecting Fathers’ and Children’s Health Although the public […]