Father Your Son by Stephan B. Poulter

Father Your Son is written by Stephan B. Poulter, a licensed clinical family psychologist who has worked in a variety of settings with over 2300 fathers and sons for nearly 30 years. Drawing upon engaging real-life case studies derived from Poulter’s clinical experience and research, Father Your Son offers fathers a comprehensive programme to confront – and conquer … Read more

Rainbow Dreams (Third Edition) –A Holistic Approach to Helping Children with Special Needs

Who? –Editors and Contributors Rainbow Centre, a voluntary welfare organisation providing special education, early intervention and professional therapy for special needs children, put together the first edition of Rainbow Dreams in 1997 as a resource for dads, mums, caregivers, educators, students, and medical professionals. This was followed by a second edition in 2002. As Dr … Read more