Frankie and Tina Tan: A pillar of support for each other

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On the occasion of Celebrating Fathers 2019, Dr Frankie Tan and his wife shared with us how they support each other as Dad and Mum.

Marriage and parenting are priorities for Dr Frankie Tan, who is the Director of the Sport Science Medicine Centre, Singapore Sport Institute and his homemaker wife, Tina. As staying home can be an exhausting and demanding job for his wife, Dr Tan makes every effort to be home in time for dinner and helps out with various chores and errands to lighten her load.

He said, “Knowing that Tina is supporting me by staying home with the children allows me to give my best at work and return to do my part at home and for the children. With her support, I am able to connect with my sons often and we find many simple occasions to celebrate life together.”

Mrs Tan added, “I appreciate all the sacrifices that my husband makes and the effort that he puts in for our family. I always make it a point to let him know how much I appreciate all that he does – both big and small things.”

Dr Tan has been a volunteer ambassador with DADs for Life since 2009. Mrs Tan is very supportive of her husband championing the fathering movement. Together as a couple, they have been serving their children’s primary school in the parents support group as well as the fathers group by organising father-child bonding activities.

“Fathers need mutual support to cheer them on in their fathering journey. Men don’t naturally share their fathering struggles with their male friends, so these father-child activities are great opportunities for the fathers to connect with other fathers and feel less alone in an environment of mutual encouragement. I always encourage the mothers in my school to be supportive of such events as they will get a recharged husband and a very contented child in return,” said Mrs Tan.